NRI Divorce and Other Legal Matters

How-to Guide on Conditions, Procedure, and Laws in Delhi

Marriages to NRI’s are increasing, and so is the menace of desertion and deceit, for more dowries or any other reason.

Two options are available to the spouse seeking divorce:
The Hindu Marriage Act, Section 13B: Which provides divorce by mutual consent if both the spouses are Indians and married under the Hindu Marriage Act. One of the spouses can also file for Contested Divorce under the same act. In the case of spouses residing outside, the law of the land takes over with regards to foreign marriages. provides most excellent legal service in NRI Divorce related matter to our customers. The speed of divorce process has increased in last five years.

We have a team of legal experts who dedicate their time, effort, and knowledge to assist the need of the clients in the most efficient manner.

Our lawyers advise and craft the case at the pre-litigation phase to keep away from any disagreement, and through the entire trial.

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  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Property Matters
  • Passport Matters

To understand the complex situations, where each one may differ from the other completely, we offer NRI Divorce Consultations to better understand your need and offer tailor-made solutions.

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